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Sabic IP

Sabic Innovative Plastics

Sabic IP can trace its origins back to Thomas Edison in 1878 with the formation of the Electric Light Company. In 1892 this was merged with Houston Electric Company and General Electric Company (GE) was created.

General Electric was a major player in the discovery of new polymers throughout the 20th century with such materials as Phenolic resin in 1910. It was as far back as 1930 that GE first formed a polymer division.

Dr Daniel Fox in 1953 in the same week as Bayer claim the same, discovered Polycarbonate Resin, this was marketed as Lexan from 1958 onwards. PPO (Noryl) was next in 1956 and over the years several engineering and speciality resins have been created and added to the portfolio, these include Ultem and Xenoy. Though now owned by Sabic this culture of discovery and research is still very much in evidence. New grades and new application areas are still a priority focus for Sabic.

GE divested the plastics division to Sabic in 2007 for 11.6 Billion dollars.

Sabic (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) today operates in over 40 countries and has a global workforce of over 40,000 with assets of 88 Billion dollars.

As well as Sabic IP, Sabic also has Sabic Polyolefins which is the third largest producer of Polyethlene and the fourth largest producer of Polypropylene in the world.

Sabic Innovative Plastics today has 10 major product families; these include Lexan, Noryl, Valox, Cycolac, Ultem, Siltem, Extem, Xenoy, Xylex and Geloy. These are complemented by the full range of LNP resins: Colorcomp, LNP Faradex, Konduit, Lubricomp, Lubriloy, Statkon, Statloy Thermocomp and Verton.

There are 10’s of thousands of different grades, colours and additive packages with the Sabic IP portfolio. Our expertise along with that of Sabic Innovative Plastics can help you choose the correct one for your application.

Sabic Innovative Plastics (Sabic IP) has in recent years opened a new Ultem facility in Spain with a capacity of 18,000 tonnes and a new Polycarbonate plant in Saudi Arabia with a capacity of 250,000 tonnes. This gives Sabic IP a capacity of over 750,000 tonnes in polycarbonate alone. There are plans for more plants in the coming years.

Resinex UK limited and Sabic IP (Formerly GE Plastics) have been working closely together since 1986. Resinex are today the only authorised official distributor of Sabic IP products in the UK and Ireland. This alliance allows the full support of Sabic IP through the Resinex supply channel. We can supply all compliance data, certification and commercial information quickly and efficiently together with technical support from Sabic IP directly.

Sabic IP have state of the art and R&D facilities in several locations all over the globe. Resinex work very closely with key personnel within Sabic IP in Europe. We can use this interaction to help with Tool and Part design as well as material recommendations

Sabic Innovative Plastics (Sabic IP) are also very conscious of their global carbon footprint and are working on reducing energy, water consumption and carbon intensity. Looking for new and innovative sustainable materials is a priority.