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Producer: DSM
Polymer type PA 6

Akulon polyamide resins represent the best value in all-purpose engineering materials.

For molded parts, they offer an excellent balance of easy design and processing with outstanding mechanical properties over a wide temperature range and in diverse operating environments.

For extrusion uses, the toughness, resilience and processability of Akulon® set the market standards.

General info

Akulon® PA6 benefits:

  • High stiffness and strength at elevated temperatures
  • Toughness at low temperatures
  • Excellent heat aging resistance
  • Very good abrasion and wear resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Excellent surface appearance, especially in filled and reinforced versions, compared to comparable PA66 versions
  • Excellent weld strength after vibration welding

PA6 Akulon® mechanical properties

Akulon® polyamides represent the most versatile, well-rounded property profiles of any engineering plastics. It is the ideal material for high performance applications. Robustness, stiffness and high temperature capability make it highly suitable for automotive, electrical and demanding mechanical engineering applications.

High stiffness and strength

At elevated temperatures above 100°C Akulon® maintains good stiffness and strength. Although the stiffness of Akulon® decreases sharply around the glass transition temperature (Tg), excellent levels of stiffness are still maintained to just below the melting point of the polymer, facilitating the design of critical parts.

Stiffness versus HDT of PA6 or PA66

For any given type of material (unfilled, mineral or glass filled) the performance of these two polymers shows little to no difference up to the HDT level of PA6. When short term temperature exposure can exceed 200°C PA66 should be used. In other cases PA6 represents the better and more economical option due to its better long-term temperature resistance, its higher weld strength and thus higher burst pressure after vibration welding, its much better surface appearance and its other processing advantages.


Akulon® offers superior creep resistance of reinforced grades, even at elevated temperatures. It maintains dimensional and part integrity over time even under high loads.


Akulon® offers outstanding resistance, even in dry as moulded conditions, to impacts and shock, down to temperatures of -20°C (-4°F). This is why polyamides are preferred above other engineering plastics. At very low temperatures (-40°C or -40°F), fracture modes become brittle and parts can splinter under impact. For critical safety applications therefore impact modified grades are available in the Akulon® product family offering ductile and hence splinter free impact resistance down to extreme low temperatures. •

High elongation at break

Akulon® can be designed with living hinges and snap fits and can accommodate inserts after moulding with greatly reduced risk of cracking.


Glass fibre reinforced Akulon® demonstrates superior fatigue resistance surviving dynamic load conditions and vibrations better than other engineering plastics.


Akulon® polyamide 6 portfolio

The Akulon® portfolio covers all possible applications with grades suited to all processing techniques; extrusion, injection and blow moulding.

Individual grade offering and codes for all product types can vary by region. Check in the product data database for exact descriptions and availability in your area. Use the Search button in the database after entering Akulon® in the product name field.

Akulon® PA6 Extrusion range

  • Film grades
  • Akulon® XP modified rheology co-extrusion grades
  • High viscosity grades for semi-finished goods and stock shapes
  • Medium viscosity grades for tubing and monofilament

Standard Akulon® PA6 portfolio for injection moulding

  • Unfilled injection moulding
    • Nucleated
    • Nucleated and heat stabilised
    • Impact modified; tougher grades designed especially for low temperature applications
    • High molecular weight moulding grades for wear resistant applications
  • Glass reinforced injection moulding grades
    • Standard glass filled: 30-50% GF
    • Heat stabilised e.g. for automotive applications: 30-40%
    • Impact modified for toughness and low temperatures: 15-40% GF
    • UV stabilised: 30% GF
    • High burst pressure / weld strength grades: 30% GF heat stabilised
  • Mineral reinforced for better dimensional stability in injection moulding
    • 30% mineral, heat stabilised
    • Mineral/glass hybrids for all round stability and strength: 30-40% filled

Blow moulding Akulon® portfolio

  • Unfilled, heat stabilised
  • Glass reinforced: 15-20% GF

Flame Retardant PA6 Akulon® portfolio

  • Unfilled halogen free grade
  • Glass reinforced halogen free, glow wire grades
  • Mineral filled, halogen free and halogen based glow wire grades


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